fatality zone

Phillips 66 has proposed what it calls a refinery modernization project to collect propane and butane that are currently burned or gassed off at the refinery. It may look good on paper, but there is a problem… a really big problem:

Propane and Butane are explosive gases

Phillipbooms 66 proposes to store 630,000 gallons of liquid propane gas in six tanks along a liquefaction zone, just 2300 feet away from residents.  Each tank is potentially a large bomb, with blast zones extending more than a mile away. Citizens of Crockett and Rodeo want to see a greater effort to ensure the safety of the community.

The other problem?  It’s a Tar Sands refining project.  ConocoPhillips is only one of many oil extraction companies that turned the beautiful pristine wilderness of Alberta Canada into Mordor.  And now, it plans to send, by sea, Tar Sands Bitumen to the “front half” of the San Francisco refinery in San Louis Obispo County, minimally process it and tehn send it all up to “the back half” of the refinery in Rodeo by both pipeline and train.  There it will be refined…for export.

The communities in San Louis Obispo County and Northern California have challenged their respective EIRs.  In San Louis Obispo County, challenge to the EIR still needs to be heard by the Board of Supervisors.

And up here?  The community successfully sent the P66 EIR back to the drawing board several times before refinery-friendly Board of Supervisors ultimately approved it. The County and P66 were immediately sued by these three organizations:

  • Communities for a Better Environment
  • The ever-feisty-force-to-be-reckoned-with, Rodeo Citizens Association
  • The worker group SAFER.

The case will be heard in court in 2016.

So what can you do in the meantime?

Stay informed and be involved. We are all in this together — just not only in Rodeo in Crockett but in other Northern California fenceline communities along the Carquinez Strait, down to Richmond and further South.

Exploring this website is a great way to get started.  You can get up to speed about the big issues by clicking on our “Speeches and Educational Forums Film Clips” tab.  If there are hearings or rallies to attend, we’ll let you know in our “Call to Action” section. If you sign up on our list, we will send your periodic updates and interesting news articles.

Although this reckless boom/bust behavior is the last dying gasps of the fossil fuel corporations, the oil industry and the rolling oil bomb trains continue to turn many communities in America and Canada into sacrifice zones.

Fenceline communities in California — from San Louis Obispo to Rodeo — have organized and are pushing back.

Stand with us.