Rise up, speak up and take action!

“We are the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and the last           generation that can do something about it.”   –  Governor Jay Inslee

  • Sign this petition to keep SF Bay free of Tar Sands!

The First Nations people up North and residents from Washington State down to Northern California are all standing in solidarity in their opposition to P66’s tar sands expansion plans at its Rodeo refinery.

The science is in— tar sands oil is much dirtier than conventional crude. It has an outsized climate impact, is terrible for air quality, and when it spills it’s significantly harder to clean up than conventional crude oil.

For the sake of Mother Earth and all its inhabitants, please sign.

Click here to learn more and sign petition

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—————————- Past actions and civic engagements —————————

  • Over the years we have participated in community forums, spoke in front of regional boards and city councils.

We have addressed the State Lands Commission, the Boards of Supervisors of both Contra Costa County and San Luis Obispo County, and the Benicia City Council (showing solidarity with the community struggling with Valero.) We’ve also helped turn out the troops at the Crockett Community Center for public information meetings. Last but not least, we have spoken in front of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

Our work is definitely not done!


alastair      3_goils_in_the_house

  • We were part of the Refinery Corridor Healing Walks

In Native American culture, healing walks have a long history.  The Refinery Corridor Healing Walks were inspired by the Tar Sands Healing Walks in Alberta, Canada, the Longest Walks, and the Peace & Dignity Journeys. We joined the elders of Idle No More Bay Area, other fenceline activists, and supporters from the Bay Area walking in prayer and conversation, from refinery town to refinery town.  We helped bring attention to the dangers and risks of refineries. Together, envisioned a cleaner, safer future.

h prayer to water   p66_banners_2    A A P66 


o Rodeo  t Janet   s ann

  • We marched in solidarity with striking steelworkers at the Tesoro refinery with other refinery corridor residents, environmentalists, and nurses.

Oil refinery workers put their lives on the line every single day.  When refineries refuse to shut down broken units for repairs, they put their workers and the surrounding community in harm’s way.  As a steelworker put it: An injury to one is an injury to all!

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  • We marched for oil train safety in Northern California

On the second anniversary of the tragic Lac-Mégantic, Quebec catastrophe that killed 47 people we were part of a march Richmond to stop dangerous oil trains.

tanks but not tanks        kinder morgan


For inspiration: every protest movement needs some songs! Here are some for us! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KqTjn_prn