March 2015

Communities for a Better Environment — the non-profit that was at the sides of Crockett and Rodeo residents during the aftermath of the Rodeo refinery’s Catacarb spill 2 decades ago — filed a lawsuit against P66 and Contra Costa County. CBE asserted that the Environmental Impact Report hid the fact that it was a cheap, dirty-energy Canadian Tars Sands project and failed to acknowledge and mitigate the dangers of explosions and the dangerous increase in air pollution.


Link to lawsuit is below:

Two other groups are also sued over the insufficient EIR:  Rodeo Citizens Association (RCA) and SAFER, a refinery worker group.

Previous Relevant Documents:

Documents below are by refinery experts Greg Karras and Phyllis Fox; BAAQCD’s Jean Roggenkamp; California State Attorney General Kamalla Harris; and U.S. Sentator Barbara Boxer

First:  Two top, independent refinery analysts in California have weighed in on the P66 project, as did the Deputy Air Pollution Control Officer from Bay Area Air Quality Management Control District. Here is what they all had to say about this project as it relates to the environment and public safety.

  • Refinery expert GREG KARRIS, senior scientist, Communities for a Better Environment:

  •  Refinery expert PHYLLIS FOX, PH.D, PE, refinery engineer, consultant


Also of relevance: Letters from California Attorney General, Kamalla Harris (regarding cumulative impacts) and U.S. Senator for California Barbara Boxer (regarding the health impacts of Canadian Tar Sands.  ConocoPhillips (of which P66 is a subsidiary) is the largest exporter of Canadian Tar Sands.

  • California State Attorney General  KAMALLA HARRIS

  •  United States Senator for California BARBARA BOXER