P66 Cries Poor and Gets Its Property Taxes Dramatically Reduced

Rodeo resident Teagan Clive calls out the Co Co County for slashing P66 property taxes, based on industry profits not land value…and not sharing it with the public.

keep calm and cha ching

Setting aside the important issue of the lack of transparency re: how the County made this tax deal, one has to wonder how a subsidiary of one of America’s largest oil extraction companies… can cry poor? Further, the Rodeo refinery is only one half of the “San Franciso Refinery” and is connected by pipeline to the front half, which happens to be located in San Louis Obispo County,

Gotta wonder if P66 tried to pull this off in San Louis Obispo County as well. If it did, did the request fly?

Reprint from Ed Tannebaum’s fine blog: CRGNA, article published January 21, 2014