Phillips 66 says no Bakken crude oil planned for Nipomo Mesa refinery…okay… so where IS their crude coming from?

P66’s denial of using Bakkan crude as a feedstock doesn’t take all the heat of project. It still wants to go full bore on the expansion even as oil usage in California drops and the promise of Monterrey shale fields rapidly fades.

On top of that, a question lingers:  how can the public be assured that Bakkan crude is not coming in…if cars continue to be grossly mislabeled? ( )

And now P66 doubles down on its expansion at Nipomo and declares that its feedstock is not going to be from the Bakkan oil fields.  All of which begs the following question: Just where will it be coming from?

The answer to that question is not in the article but in the memory banks of the people of Crockett and Rodeo.


Back in 2012/13, Phillips 66 — in an attempt to deflect any negativity regarding Canadian Tar Sands — assured local folks that the refinery was primarily using Bakkan Crude and fracked Monterrey shale oil.  Later, the press revealed that Concophillips (the parent company), Shell and the Koch brothers pretty much owned the Tar Sands exports. On top of that, explosive Bakkan crude was turning out to be public relations nightmare.

In cases like these, there may be no “lesser of two evils”…


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Ground Zero: the community around P66’s Nipomo refinery

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