Rodeo P66 Propane Expansion Project approved over protests

Appellants have 30 days to sue to win safety concessions for both workers and the community and to get the refinery to run a cleaner operation


Pictured above: Greg Karras of Communities for a Better Environment, waits his turn to speak.  (Photo Credit: Dan Honda, Bay Area News Group.)

A quick synopsis:  The Co. Co. County Board of Supervisors brushed past many fatal flaws in the Rodeo P66 EIR.  Just for starters: the EIR refused to admit that the Propane Expansion Project was, in truth, a Canadian Tar Sands Project (and thus, would create tremendous amounts of local pollution and endanger both worker and community safety as currently designed.)

But the P66 EIR for the Nipomo/Santa Maria refinery in San Louis Obispo County spelled it out in black and white: Canadian Tar Sands will come to P66 in San Louis Obispo County by barge. Then after being  slightly refined, the crude will be shot up through the pipeline directly into the P66 coker unit in Rodeo.  The rest will barrel up California in rolling bomb trains on a train track ….near you.

For a CRUDE’S more lengthy analysis of the rather surreal hearing:

Two reporters were present at the hearing.  Here are their takes:

Jean Tepperman, East Bay Express  February 5, 2015

Tom Lochner, Contra Costa Times February 4, 2015