Lawsuit Filed: Rodeo P66 Tar Sands Crude by Rail Project Exposed


CommBetterEnv (1)Communities for a Better Environment (CBE) filed a lawsuit this morning, alleging illegal approvals of a Tar Sands refining project that could worsen  pollution, climate, and refinery and rails explosion hazards.  Further, it alleges that the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) deliberately hid the many of the aspects of the project from the public and failed to mitigate its significant environmental impacts.

The action follows the February 3rd, 2015 approvals for Phillips’ “Propane Recovery Project”.  The Phillips 66 project is part of an industry-wide switch to new oil supplies that is playing out across the region as California and Alaskan crude supplies dwindle.

According to refinery expert Greg Karras of CBE:

“Community and worker experts have shown it is the cheap-and-dirty oil project the (P66) CEO bragged about,” said CBE’s refinery expert Greg Karras. “Lighting the fuse on this bomb could have significant impacts, and no one should be thinking about building it before that potential harm is disclosed and addressed.”

To see the full press release and the lawsuit filing, click on the link below: