Environmental groups sue over new, weak, train safety rules. American Petroleum Institute (API) sues over same regulations. API claims the expectation of improved safety 10 years down the road sets the bar too high.

By Reuters

Seven Groups (including Sierra Club, Center for Biological Diversity and Forest Ethics) say the rules, issued on May 1, would allow the industry to continue to use unsafe tank cars for up to 10 years.

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The kids playing on a basketball court in Philly are just a few of the 25 million folks    who live in a bomb-train sacrifice zone 

“We’re suing the administration because these rules won’t protect the 25 million Americans living in the oil train blast zone,” said ForestEthics executive director, Todd Paglia.

MEANWHILE…. the American Petroleum Institute’s sues to stop the safety program and asks for a different safety program …based “on science.”

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By Rachel Levin, Bloomberg News