Crockett: County says warning system worked ‘as designed’ in Aug. 2 refinery fire

By Tom Lochner, Contra Costa Times and San Jose Mercury Newsbig fire

“…Many among the 50-strong audience at the Crockett Community Center were not buying official reassurances, complaining that residents, especially the handicapped and people with asthma and other respiratory issues, should have been notified by phone or other means, and that officials were downplaying the seriousness of the incident.”


Case in point:  While Co Co County staff at the front of the room tried to assure the crowd that the County’s own website and twitter account was sufficient for a level 2 warning after the coker caught fire last month, a young woman in the 4th row, thumbs a flyin’, fact-checked those assertions on her iPhone.

Turns out the County’s web page didn’t issue a community warning for 1.5 hours. And the total number of people reached with CoCoCo’s  twitter announcement was….2.

Nothing beats Ma Bell and an old-fashioned siren.

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