Driving less: Millennials are a different breed of cat and why that’s a good thing.


Photo credit: Paramount Pictures (“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”)

Back in the day, teens counted the hours until they turned 15.5 years old.  That was the magic age one had to reach to get a drivers permit …and to take one step closer to freedom. Not so today.  Many millennials are pushing back that right of passage and are waiting until they are in their 20s for the big step.

They make 15 percent fewer trips by car, they take 16 percent more bike trips than their same-age predecessors did in 2001, and their public–transit passenger miles have increased by a whopping 40 percent. That’s 117 more miles annually biking, walking, or taking public transit than their same-age predecessors used in 2001.

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