Portland, Oregon, just passed the strongest resolution against fossil fuels in the country

by Natasha Geiling (Climate Progress)


Iportland cities leadn the strongest city-supported opposition to fossil fuels in the country, the Portland Oregon city council voted last week to pass a resolution that opposes any new infrastructure that would transport or store fossil fuels within the city or its adjacent waterways.  While Portland can’t unilaterally ban fossil fuels from being shipped via rail, road, or water, While Portland cannot, due to interstate commerce laws, it can enact local laws that limit the transportation and storage of fossil fuels within the city itself, making it prohibitively expensive, or too time consuming, for fossil fuel companies.

Portland’s 350.org activist Andriana Voss-Andre observed:

“We seem to be reaching some sort of tipping point where people are waking up and realizing the enormity of the issue,”

She added, “That we got a unanimous vote was jaw-dropping.  It was an inspiring moment for all of us.”

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