It’s all about the bottom line: Department of Transportation tosses out transparency regs for explosive cargo

From the Nebraska Star Journal (story compiled from wire reports)

The governments of the USA and Canada just proposed in their new “safety” regulations which will conveniently end public disclosure requirements regarding volatile crude oil shipments.

The regulation actually states (emphasis added): top-secret-file_off

“The transportation of oil by rail can …avoid the negative security and business implications of widespread public disclosures of routing and volume data.”  

Heaven forbid we should know what the rolling bomb trains are bringing into the neighborhoods and densely populated urban centers across America.

And really can you blame the Feds for wanting to keep us in the dark?  When people are informed, they fight back, as they did up in North.  Check out this documentary that Bill Maher produced last year.   Welcome to our world.


Click below…it begins after a brief commercial.