World Bank: Fighting Climate Change Would Boost Global Economy Up To $2.6 Trillion A Year

by Joe Romm (Climate Progress)

Fighting climate change is a money maker.



And again, from Europe: The future of solar tehnology can be as thin as a piece of paper

By Kiley Krough (from Climate Progress)

Danish researchers have developed paper-thin OPV (organic photo voltaic) solar cells. Sheet of these cells could be applied to areas such sides of buildings, window curtains, car roofs, just to name a few.  And now Germany — a country that gets half of its energy from solar panels — has invested $21 million dollars to help advance the research.


Germany Produces half of its electricity needs with solar power

germany solar panels

P.S.  Now here’s an idea for P66:  Cover the capped, superfund cleanup site, Selby Slag, with solar panels to power refrigerated (and safer) propane tanks. It could be a two-fer.  P66 complains that refrigerated units would be more expensive to run.  Well, let the sun provide the energy and build a project that won’t wipe out Northwest Rodeo in the event of an earthquake. When the refinery is finally decommissioned, sell the solar power system to a company that could sell energy to PGE…or hook up the town of Rodeo so its residents can live happily “off the grid.”     Just a thought!

Utah Utility Cuts Deal For 20 Years Of Solar Power Because It’s The Cheapest Option

By Jeff Spross

Boston-based renewable energy company First Wind just finalized agreements to provide a Utah utility with 320 megawatts of solar capacity for the next two decades. And the circumstances of the contracts are yet another example of how falling solar prices are reshaping the market.

utah solar

Communities for a Better Environment files lawsuit: BAAQMD staff issued a permit to Chevron…to pollute

Yesterday, Communities for a Better Environment (CBE) filed suit against the Bay Area Air Quality Management District for the District’s illegal permitting of the Chevron (“Modernization”) Expansion Project.  CBE had previously requested the District to revoke the permit that allowed Chevron to build a Richmond refinery expansion that could increase air pollution from one of the state’s biggest industrial climate polluters without required emission prevention and environmental reviews.